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What do you know about the knowledge of refractory spray materials?


The refractory repairing materials have many varieties and wide applications. There are three types of classification: one is divided into high-aluminum, clay and magnesia according to the variety of repairing materials; the other is divided into refractory spray material, fire-resistant feeding material, fire-resistant pressing method and flame spray material according to the construction method. Third, according to the use, it is divided into blast furnace spray feed, converter spray feed, electric furnace spray feed, ladle spray feed torpedo type hot metal tank spray feed and soaking furnace spray feed. The refractory spray material refractory spray material and the refractory spray coating material composition and spraying process are basically similar. The former is used to repair the village of thermal equipment, and the latter is used to spray the village of thermal equipment. Therefore, the title is different. Of course, there are also differences. For example, when the mud spray material can not be used for the artificial blasting of the new kiln, there are two options: the scheme is to lower the material line to a certain position after the blast furnace is closed, and then open the furnace top guide. The material plate or the working manhole is opened 1.3*2.0m on the furnace shell, then several spray guns are inserted into the furnace and sprayed at the same time, no need to refurbish the surface, then the working hole is made of brick, and the furnace shell can be repaired. The second option is to take a blast furnace to lower the line and open the work hole. A fixed sealing disc is installed in the furnace, and a gas skylight is opened on the furnace shell under the disc. Then, on the upper side of the sealing disk, a hanging plate that can move up and down is mounted, and moves up and down with the operation of the airbrushing hand. Equipment, materials, and water and electricity are ready, and after cleaning the old lining, the furnace can be sprayed. Finally, the surface is refurbished, the initial curing is due, the equipment is removed, the holes are sealed, and the oven is ready for production.


2 Characteristics and uses of refractory spray materials

Refractory spray is an important refractory material for repairing kiln. It mainly repairs kiln and thermal equipment by means of spray repair, so that the lining can reach or close to the equilibrium damage, and can effectively extend the life of the lining and reduce the loss of refractory. . There are many ways to spray the feed, such as spray, sleeve, and pump. First, the characteristics of refractory spray materials

1, has a certain degree of refractoriness

2, erosion resistance, erosion resistance

3, high adhesion rate

4. Convenient construction and short construction period

Second, the use of refractory spray materials: mainly used to repair the lining of furnaces or thermal equipment, blast furnace, hot blast stove, tapping ditch, open hearth, converter and electric furnace, heating furnace, flue, chimney, etc., such as RH furnace impregnation Pipe, ladle, iron ditch, etc.

Third, refractory spray material classification

1. According to the variety of spray materials: high alumina, high siliceous, magnesia, magnesia chrome, silicon carbide and so on.

2, according to the state of refractory materials: dry, semi-dry and wet spray, such as furnace lining erosion surface is larger, hot spray is better with wet method; fill the situation with severe erosion, more dry methods .

3, according to the temperature of the sprayed transport gas is divided into: cold and hot spray


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