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Refractory spray preparation considerations


Refractory spray is an important refractory material for repairing kiln. It mainly repairs kiln and thermal equipment by spray-filling construction method. The electric furnace magnesia carbon brick makes the lining reach or close to the equilibrium damage, and can effectively extend the life of the lining and reduce Loss of refractory materials. There are many ways to spray the feed, such as spray, sleeve, and pump.

High alumina refractory spray

First, the characteristics of refractory spray materials

1, has a certain degree of refractoriness

2, erosion resistance, erosion resistance

3, high adhesion rate

4. Convenient construction and short construction period

Second, the use of refractory spray materials: mainly used to repair the lining of furnaces or thermal equipment, blast furnace, hot blast stove, tapping ditch, open hearth, converter and electric furnace, heating furnace, flue, chimney, etc., such as RH furnace impregnation Pipe, ladle, iron ditch, etc.

Third, refractory spray material classification

1. According to the variety of spray materials: high alumina, high siliceous, magnesia, magnesia chrome, silicon carbide and so on.

2, according to the state of refractory materials: dry, semi-dry and wet spray, such as furnace lining erosion surface is larger, hot spray is better with wet method; fill the situation with severe erosion, more dry methods .

3, according to the temperature of the sprayed transport gas is divided into: cold and hot spray

Fourth, refractory spray materials production precautions

1. Reasonable selection of materials for raw materials: The raw materials are selected according to the possible use temperature, temperature fluctuation range, slag properties and properties of the lining in the kiln.

2, the selection of reasonable additives and binders: the general cold spray using cement, hot spray using chemical bonding agent, can quickly condense at the hot temperature and obtain the necessary strength, and the base quickly formed a solid whole.

3. Ensure the particle size of the raw materials: The composition of the particle size of the sprayed material plays an important role in the thickness of the spray, the rebound rate of the spray, and the quality of the spray. The sprayed aggregate is made of fine granular material (3-5mm), which better controls the effect of refilling and reduces rebound.

Refractory spray material is an unshaped refractory material that prolongs the service life of the kiln and reduces the user's expenditure on refractory materials. The effect is very significant after being sprayed on various kiln and thermal equipment.


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