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What is the difference between refractory spray materials?


What are the different ways of refractory spray materials, magnesium carbon brick manufacturers

1 Wet spray is a method of mixing refractory aggregates, binders, additives and water to make a certain consistency of mud. The price of magnesia carbon bricks is then sprayed onto the spray surface by compressed air using a spray machine. It is characterized by simple operation, high adhesion rate and rapid sintering. However, due to the large water content, the granules are fine, so the shrinkage is also large. At the same time, because the spray layer is thinner, the durability is not so good.

2 Semi-dry spray is a method in which a mixture of refractory aggregates, binders, additives, etc., is mixed with water through a water ring hole of the spray gun end, and is sprayed by compressed air onto the spray surface, water The dosage can be adjusted at any time according to the spray condition, and the fluctuation is generally between 10 and 20%, which is much lower than the water consumption of the wet spray. Therefore, the spray layer has a large bulk density and a small shrinkage, and a thicker spray layer can be obtained, and the durability is good, but the rebound amount is slightly higher than the wet method, and the spray method is relatively common.

3 Flame spraying is the use of compressed oxygen to transport the mixture of refractory aggregate, flux or heat generating agent to the nozzle, and combust with high calorific value fuel to instantly heat the surface of the refractory aggregate particles to a molten or semi-molten state, and then spray The repairing method adhered to the lining, the spray-repairing layer obtained by the construction method has the advantages of compact structure, high strength, anti-erosion and anti-scouring ability, and is firm and durable. However, the flame spray device has high cost, complicated technology and high energy consumption for construction.


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