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Converter Magnesia-Carbon Brick

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Magnesia carbon brick forconverter refers to a magnesia carbon refractory product made of magnesia and graphite as the main raw material used as a converter lining. Electric furnace magnesia carbon brick

The converter magnesia carbon brick has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, strong slag resistance, good thermal shock resistance and high temperature strength. However, its disadvantage is that it is easily oxidized during use and can be improved by adding an antioxidant.

The main raw materials are fused magnesia or high-purity sintered magnesia and high-purity graphite. Generally, MgO in magnesia is required to be greater than or equal to 95%, and C content in graphite is greater than or equal to 94%. The phenolic resin or the asphalt is used as a binder, and a suitable additive is selected according to the use conditions, and the finished product is obtained by compounding, kneading, molding, and heat treatment.

In the smelting process, the conditions of use and damage of the various parts of the converter vary. In order to achieve equilibrium erosion, the grades and quality of the selected magnesia carbon bricks are different for each part of the converter under different conditions of use.

The temperature of the furnace mouth and the furnace cap changes drastically, and the slag corrosion is severe. The magnesia carbon brick with good thermal shock resistance and strong slag resistance should be selected. On both sides of the trunnion, except for the damage caused by blowing, the surface has no protective slag layer cover, which is not easy to repair, and the carbon in the brick is easily oxidized. High-quality magnesia carbon bricks with excellent slag resistance and good oxidation resistance should be built. The slag line is in contact with the slag for a long time and is subject to severe slag corrosion. It is necessary to build magnesia carbon bricks with excellent slag resistance. The splashing effect of slag and molten steel on the charging side is easy to cause chemical attack, wear, erosion and direct impact and erosion into the scrap steel and molten iron. Magnesia carbon bricks with strong slag resistance, high temperature strength and good thermal shock resistance should be used. The hearth and the bottom of the furnace are lighter than other parts. The ordinary magnesia carbon brick can be used. When the top-bottom composite blowing technology is adopted, especially when the bottom gas is blown by CO2, O2, etc., the damage is more serious. High-grade magnesia carbon bricks with good oxidation resistance, good thermal shock resistance, high temperature strength and strong slag resistance should be selected. According to different parts of the converter, the selection of magnesium carbon bricks with corresponding properties is an effective method to improve the technical and economic indicators of the converter.


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