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Electric Arc Furnace Gunning Material

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  • Classification:Refractory for electric furnace
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  • Release date:2019-09-20
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An electric furnace refractory gunning mix consisting of a refractory material with a certain particle size, a chemical binder and an admixture, and an amorphous refractory material used for repairing the lining of a thermal equipment by a spray application method. . It is a major type of shot material.

According to the state of the material for spraying and the method of spraying, it can be divided into three types:

(1) Wet spray, generally only thin layer repair.

(2) Dry spray (also known as semi-dry spray), which can be used for thicker spray repair and is most widely used.

(3) Flame spray compensation can obtain a structure with a dense spray-bonding layer, which has high bonding strength and strong anti-erosion resistance.

According to the state of receiving the sprayed material on the sprayed working surface, it can be divided into:

(1) The molten material spraying method is divided into three types: flame spraying method, plasma spraying method, and slag splashing protection method.

(2) The cold material injection method is divided into five types: mud spray method, dry spray method, semi-wet spray method (or tidal spray method), mixed spray method, and wet spray method.

The particle size composition and limit particle size of the spray material should be determined according to the structure of the sprayer, the thickness of the spray layer and different spray cleaning methods. Improper particle size selection or unreasonable particle grading has a great influence on the adhesion of the spray material and the density of the spray layer.


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