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Electric Arc Furnace Bottom Dry Ramming Materia

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The heat repair is an operation process of repairing or modifying the burnt parts under the premise of ensuring the normal operation of the workpiece. In the late stage of service, the furnace is seriously aging, mainly in the surface of the furnace head, erosion, corner drop, wear of the bottom brick, leakage of the furnace wall, etc., which will affect the normal production of the coke oven and shorten the life of the furnace. Therefore, in order to suppress further damage of the furnace body, reduce leakage, and constantly explore and find different heat repair methods and new materials to ensure the coke oven production and longevity.

The heat repair of the melting furnace is the operation process of repairing or modifying the burnt parts under the premise of ensuring the normal operation of the melting furnace. After a period of operation of the float glass furnace, various refractory materials (pool bricks, regenerator lattice bricks, spray gun bricks, etc.) will be seriously eroded under the action of high temperature and molten glass, if not Timely repair will bring great harm to production.

The traditional furnace heat repair method has a harsh environment and high labor intensity. Although it has been improved after adopting advanced refractory materials, it is still relatively arduous and heavy, and interferes with normal production. At present, there are two methods for heat repair of the kiln: hot repair method and hot oxygen spray method.

1 Heat repair method: It is suitable for strengthening or blocking holes in the refractory material of the late kiln, which may contaminate the glass liquid and affect the normal operation of the furnace.

2Thermal oxygen spray method: a method of repairing a refractory material by spraying a similar refractory powder to a refractory material to be filled and self-welding at a high temperature. The hot oxygen spray method can repair the refractory material quickly and safely, and it is very effective for ordinary erosion and wear, displacement or occasional crushing, even for caulking or plugging, which can not be repaired by traditional heat repair method. Helps improve the efficiency of the furnace.

Hot repair should generally be based on the principle of not affecting or less affecting production. Because the heat repair is carried out in the hot state, the danger is great, so regardless of the size of the task, it must be carefully organized, and the heat repair program is repeatedly demonstrated to ensure personal safety.


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