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Which material of refractory brick has a high fire resistance temperature?


Inside the refractory brick, clay brick, high alumina brick, magnesium brick, which material brick is high in fire resistance? In the refractory brick, the refractory temperature should be separated from the load softening temperature. One is to test the raw material content and the refractory degree of the product. One is to simulate the normal use temperature. Which material has a high refractory temperature? Please see the details below.

The clay brick has a refractoriness of 1580 to 1750 ° C and an alumina content of Al 2 O 3 of 48%. It is a refractory brick made of refractory clay and its clinker by crushing, mixing, forming, drying and alkyne. The clay product belongs to a weakly acidic refractory product, and its acidity increases as the SiO2 content increases. It has a certain erosion resistance to acidity and a poor resistance to alkaline erosion.

A high-alumina brick with a refractoriness of 1770-1790 ° C and a tri-alumina (Al 2 O 3 ) content of more than 48%. Its characteristics are: high compressive strength and high refractoriness. It has good impact resistance, strong corrosion resistance, excellent slag resistance, long service life, high load-bearing temperature and high structural strength at high temperatures.

Magnesia bricks have a refractoriness of 2000 ° C or higher, and are fired into magnesia as the main raw material, and are fired at a high temperature of about 1500 ° C after mechanical molding. Because of its high temperature performance and strong resistance to metallurgical slag, it is widely used in steelmaking lining and iron mixing furnaces in the steel industry. At present, most of the magnesia bricks used in the converter layer are burnt magnesia bricks and magnesia silica bricks.

Refractory brick inside, clay brick, high alumina brick, magnesia brick, among which the magnesia brick has high fire resistance temperature, up to 2000 degrees; secondly, high alumina brick, fire resistance temperature is 1770-1790 degrees; then clay brick


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