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What is a refractory spray?


The refractory spray is delivered by compressed air, and a granular mixture (dry mix) of water is added to the nozzle of the pneumatic spray gun. High-speed, electric furnace spray high pressure to continuously form a uniform and dense lining in the continuous operation of the material before or after the overhaul, which is characterized by rapid construction and reduced furnace shutdown. time.

The binder for the refractory spray material can be classified into gas-hardness depending on the use occasion. Commonly used binders are clay, anhydrous silicate, silica sol, various anhydrous phosphates, calcium aluminate cement and organic compounds (such as syrup, lignosulfonate, synthetic resin) and the like.

Clay spray can be used as a binder for calcium aluminate cement, which is often used in heating furnaces, flue and boilers, incinerators, etc. High alumina sprays with pure calcium aluminate have good slag resistance and high temperature. 1 650 ° C. Calcium aluminate cement or phosphate combined silicon carbide spray has high wear resistance and thermal conductivity, and can be used in power generation furnaces. Al2O3-SiC-C sprayed materials with pure calcium aluminate are mainly used for In the blast furnace tapping ditch, etc., the magnesium spray compound combined with silicate, phosphate and chromate is commonly used for the injection of converters, electric furnaces and argon-oxygen decarburization furnace linings.


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