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Blast Furnace lron Runner Castable Refractories

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  • Classification:Castable for blast furnace tapping
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  • Release date:2019-09-21
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The refractory castable is a mixture composed of refractory aggregate, powder and binder. After adding water or other liquid, the electric furnace spray material is suitable for casting or vibration method, and can also be prefabricated into preforms having a predetermined shape and size. Used to construct industrial furnace lining. In order to improve the physical and chemical properties and construction performance of the refractory castable, an appropriate amount of an admixture such as a plasticizer, a dispersant, a coagulant, a retarder, a swelling agent, a gel-gelling agent, and the like are often added. In addition, if a suitable amount of stainless steel fiber is added to the refractory castable which is subjected to a strong mechanical force or a strong thermal shock, the toughness of the material is remarkably increased. In the insulating refractory castable, if inorganic fibers are added, the toughness can be enhanced and the heat insulating performance can be improved. Because the basic material composition of refractory castables (such as aggregates and powders, admixtures, binders and admixtures), condensation hardening process, construction methods, etc., are similar to concrete in civil engineering, it has been called fire resistance. Concrete.

The refractory castable has simple production process, saves labor and energy, has high construction efficiency and good quality, and can be prepared on site or selected with excellent performance materials. Therefore, the refractory castable is an unshaped refractory material with a large amount and wide application range in the furnace construction project.



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