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Converter Caustic Calcined Magnesia Ball

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  • Classification:Refractory for converter
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  • Release date:2019-09-21
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The light burnt magnesium ball is made by using ordinary light burnt magnesium powder and mixing the ball after mixing. Mainly used in converter steelmaking, slag splashing furnace, can improve the converter age magnesia carbon brick manufacturers. The preparation of light burnt magnesium ball is to add 80% light burned magnesium powder to 20% water, put it into a mixing mill for rolling, stirring, mixing for 15~2Omin to form a mixture, and send a ball press machine to prepare a product through a belt conveyor. And then stack. After the light burnt magnesium ball is dried for 48 hours and formed into strength, it is ready for sale.

The light burnt magnesium ball is used as a slag component regulator for the converter slag splashing protection furnace. Because the slag splashing furnace requires the proper viscosity and refractoriness of the slag, a reasonable slag composition is the key to implementing the slag splashing furnace. The general slag can not be directly sprayed, and a certain amount of magnesium oxide balls need to be added for adjustment, and the use of dolomite is replaced, the amount of slag is reduced, and the content of MgO in the slag is increased.

Since MgO is a high melting point mineral with a melting point of 2800 ° C and an increase in the MgO content in the slag, the viscosity of the slag is increased, the refractoriness is increased, and the slag is more easily combined with the lining to form an effective slag protective layer on the lining, thereby improving the lining. Life expectancy and reduced consumption.


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