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Electric Arc Fumace Magnesia-Carbon Brick

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  • Release date:2019-09-20
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The fused magnesia and high-purity graphite are used as the main raw materials, and an appropriate amount of anti-oxidant is added, and the phenolic resin bonding agent is used for high-pressure molding. The product has excellent resistance to intrusion and thermal shock stability and is suitable for use in various steelmaking electric arc furnaces.

Magnesia-carbon brick for electric furnace refers to a refractory product made of magnesia and graphite as a raw material for an electric furnace. Magnesia carbon bricks were used in the furnace wall for about 10 years from the industrial production in 1970. Because of its high fire resistance, high corrosion resistance, excellent heat-resistant spalling property, high temperature volume stability, and high thermal shock resistance, the brick is quickly popularized and applied.

Most of the bricks in the United States, Europe, Japan, the hot spot of the electric furnace wall has replaced the original cast magnesite chrome brick, combined with magnesia chrome brick and straight arch combined with magnesia chrome brick. Usually, many types of electric furnace are used in the electric furnace. Magnesia carbon bricks, including:

(1) different carbon levels (or C/MgO ratio);

(2) the types of different carbons;

(3) different types of magnesia;

(4) Different types of binding agents.

The most significant difference between magnesia carbon bricks for electric furnaces and magnesia carbon bricks for converters is that they contain different fixed carbon ranges. The former is 10%-30%, and the latter is 10%-20%. Therefore, in the production of electric furnace magnesia carbon bricks, scaly graphite should be added. Other production processes are the same as those of converter magnesia carbon bricks.

It is used as the lining brick for electric furnace wall, especially for the high-power and ultra-high-power water-cooled electric furnace wall hotspots and slag lines and other electric furnace walls. Magnesia carbon bricks are used in the ultra-high power to the wall of the electric furnace water cooling furnace. The life span can reach more than 300 times. Magnesia carbon bricks are also used in the furnace bottom.


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