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Ladle Stuffing Sand

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  • Release date:2019-09-20
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An indispensable refractory material for eccentric furnace tapping, namely, drainage sand, which mainly uses melamine magnesia of Henan forsterite and Dashiqiao of Liaoning as the main raw material, and Hubei Yichang carbon material as additive, electric furnace spray feed According to the specific particle size and weight percentage, the mixture is mixed to prepare the drainage sand. After trial, it is proved that the drainage sand has good dispersibility, high refractoriness, no sintering, no clogging, and the drainage rate is up. 100%, the use temperature ≥ 1750 ° C, does not chemical reaction with molten steel and alloy components, storage quality does not change, can meet the requirements of steelmaking process, is the most ideal refractory material for eccentric furnace steelmaking.

1) It is required to be able to sinter at a lower temperature to avoid accidents caused by the floating sand when it is added to the molten steel;

2) It is required that the liquid surface of Yinggang can not be sintered too thick under high temperature and long-term smelting conditions, in order to achieve automatic pouring, improve production efficiency, reduce molten steel pollution, reduce flue gas consumption, and improve production safety factor.

With the development of continuous casting technology, the original ceramic stopper has been replaced by sliding nozzle + drainage sand. As people's requirements for the quality of molten steel continue to increase, it is necessary to automatically open the ladle. If it can not be automatically opened, it needs to be boiled by oxygen lance to assist drainage. This will cause a considerable amount of molten steel to be cast open, causing secondary oxidation, affecting the quality of molten steel, increasing the cost of pouring, and threatening the safety of equipment and operators.


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