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The continuous development of technology in the refractory industry requires an increase


Selection and Arrangement of Multi-Grain Material Screening Equipment The screening equipment commonly used in the production of refractory materials is a two-layer sieve or a three-layer sieve. The layout of the electric furnace spray material can be arranged in parallel or vertical as described above. However, with the continuous development of refractory industry technology, the requirements for refractory materials are increased. In the actual production, more granular ingredients must be used to improve the physical and chemical properties of the products. This requires the application of four or more layers of sieves. Sub-device. The production practice proves that if the four-layer sieve is arranged in one piece, the screening efficiency is low. For this purpose, two double-layer sieves can be arranged in series, and the screening efficiency of the split structure is greatly improved. Several improvements in the design and installation of process equipment. In the design of the pulverizing system, the cone crusher and the double-roll crusher are usually combined to form a combined unit, in order to increase the output of the unit, that is, the sieve material of the cone crusher is used as the feed of the double-roll crusher. The structure is added to the straight section of the screen before the feed into the double roll to set a gate to control the flow. This structure not only increases the manual operation before the machine, but also makes it difficult to adjust the feeding amount, and it is easy to cause dust leakage due to the poor sealing performance. For this reason, a certain volume of the intermediate buffer tank is added in the screen loading system, and then fed by the feeder. The above problems are better solved.

Use the material's own padding to reduce wear and reduce noise. The structure of the feed port of the double-roller crusher is taken as an example of the 61Ommx40mm double-roller crusher, and the feed port type is improved. The improved flange diameter becomes smaller, and the surrounding space above the flange can store part of the material, and the material can fall to the double roll gap to a large extent and less scattered on the fast rotating roller, thereby reducing the material pairing method. Blue wear and reduce noise. In order to reduce the wear of the material on the equipment foundation, the discharge structure of the double roll crusher is improved. The discharge structure of other crushers can also be improved as such.



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